A Legacy of Good Food and Family


Located at 2210 10th St., Delgado`s Mexican Restaurant is a quiet treasure for the Great Bend community, and it began with the help of a few good friends, family, and the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce. Terri and Beaver Delgado, owners, recently spoke about the history of their family’s restaurants in Great Bend over the years, where they are located at today, and how being a Chamber member has benefited their business over the years.


“Mom and Dad started feeding Great Bend in 1967 and it has continued on with other family businesses, clear up to the opening of what is now Delgado’s Mexican Restaurant in October of 1994,” recalls Beaver Delgado, owner.


Beaver’s parents, Pancho and Alberta Delgado, owned Panchos, a staple in Great Bend for 30 years. Growing up in the business, Beaver spent many years working for his parents up until its closure. From there, he and Terri worked at Kiowa Kitchen, owned by Frank and Gwini Delgado, another iconic Mexican restaurant in Great Bend.


Continuing in his parent’s footsteps, Beaver and Terri purchased their current location and created a place for people to come and hear music while enjoying a cold beverage in what Beaver calls “a little beer joint.”


Taking over the business meant Beaver could combine his love for music with a love for good food. Beaver’s band entertained crowds and when he wasn’t doing that, he was cooking food.


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