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INA Alert

The easy-going atmosphere at a home-grown company in Ellinwood disguises the serious business being conducted on-site and in about 20 other states.


INAalert integrates hardware and software for a number of technology products, including security systems for a wide variety of commercial customers. 


The company started in 2010 when brothers Nick and Jake Strecker started tinkering and planning in the garage at Monty Strecker’s Ellinwood residence. Monty is their dad.

The Strecker boys, Barton County natives, and one other employee had an idea and ran with it.


When they outgrew the garage, the business moved in 2013 to a former laundromat in the 200 block of East Santa Fe and then relocated in 2017 to the former bowling alley that had been gutted at 108 West Santa Fe.


The 10,000 square feet is home to offices and warehouse space. Branch offices are in Wichita and Garden City. “There is likely more to come,” Nick said.


Today, INAalert has 42 employees at the Santa Fe site and the business office on Main Street. About 95 percent of these employees live in Ellinwood; a few live in St. John, McPherson, and Manhattan.


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