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Great Bend is a vibrant community of more than 16,000 people located in the heart of America; near the geographical center of Kansas. The central location of the city allows for short travel to anywhere in the state, including Wichita and Kansas City. Denver is also just a mere six hours drive away.


The people of Great Bend enjoy conveniences of a lager city, like first rate educational, medical and recreation facilities. For all of the large city conveniences the community still retains its small-town sensibilities and values. Those sensibilities and values have given rise to innovators and entrepreneurs who have shaped the modern world. Noble Laureate Jack Kilby, inventor of the integrated circuit and pocket calculator spent his formative years in Great Bend. Adventurer and co-founder of JanSport, Skip Yowell, is an alumnus of Great Bend High School. (Read more about Quality of Life, here.)


Incentives available through the City of Great Bend, Barton County, and the State of Kansas make relocation or expansion in the community competitive. Companies in Great Bend enjoy an adaptable and hard working regional labor pool of close to 66,000. Through partnerships with Barton Community College and the State of Kansas, the community has the ability to rapidly train or retain the existing workforce to meet the needs of business.


Barton County Total Population – 27,103

City of Great Bend – 15,850

Male – 7,331

Female – 8,519


Under 35 – 7,825
35 to 64 – 5,574
Over 65 – 2,451

Median Age – 35.6

Hispanic or Latino – 3,373
Non Hispanic or Latino – 12,477

Source: 2015 Census American Community Survey


City - Great Bend

State Sales Tax Collections - $21,151,084

Adjusted Population CY 2016 - 15,535

Sales Per Capita - $1,361.51

Pull Factor FY 2017 - 1.45

Income Adjusted Pull Factor FY 2017 - 1.67

Trade Area Capture FY 2017 - 22,480

Market Share - 0.80%

Percent of County Trade - 76.5%


Total Units – 7,139
Occupied Units – 6,371
Owner Occupied Units – 3,777
Renter-Occupied Units – 2,594
Vacant Units – 768
Vacant for Rent – 190
Vacant for Sale – 70 

Source: 2015 Census American Community Survey


8.25% in Great Bend, Kansas

Combined State, County, City Rate


Barton County

Employed - 13,159

Unemployed - 518 (3.8%) March 2017

Source: Kansas Department of Labor,



Provider: City of Great Bend
Phone: 620-793-4100


Provider: City of Great Bend

Ownership Type: Municipal

Rated Capacity: 3.6400 mgd
Phone: 620-793-4100


Provider Within City Limits

Wheatland Electric
Phone: 620-793-4223


Provider Outside City Limits

Midwest Energy
Ownership Type: Cooperative
Customers Served: 90,000
Phone: 620-792-1301


Provider: Kansas Gas Service
Phone: 800-794-4780


Provider: AT&T
Telephone & Data Services (Direct TV)
Phone: 620-603-4971

Provider: Cox Communications
CATV, Data, Digital Telephone

Phone: 1-866-684-7142

Provider: Nex-Tech
Telephone & Data Services

Phone: 1-877-625-7872



Great Bend, a first class city incorporated in 1872, follows a mayor-council-city administrator form of government. Two council members are elected from each of the four wards to serve staggered 4-year terms. The mayor is elected from the city at large; the city administrator is appointed by and serves at the discretion of the city council. The city council meets the 1st and 3rd Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the City Hall, 1209 Williams Street.


Barton County is made up of five districts with one representative elected from each district to serve staggered four-year terms on the County Commission. The County Administrator, County Clerk, County Treasurer, and other staff positions also report to the commission. The County Commission meets each Monday morning at 9 a.m. in room 106 of the Barton County Courthouse, 1400 Main Street in Great Bend, Kansas.

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