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The Aligned Leader, a Six Week Virtual Leadership Series

The Great Bend Chamber of Commerce is excited to bring a unique and powerful program to the area in a time when many business owners and leaders are uncertain of just where and how to proceed. We believe now is the time grow your leaders from within and arm yourself and your team with the tools and resources needed to take your business to the next level.

The Great Bend Chamber session is starting on October 14th and it WILL FILL UP QUICKLY.


The Aligned Leadership program was EXTREMELY impressive.  I've heard nothing but great things about the presentations and the content of those presentations.  My next generation of leaders have contacted me in various ways to let me know that it is SOOOOO WORTH THEIR INVESTMENT OF TIME!!  In these crazy times of being short handed and overwhelmed, they were sooooo appreciative that the Chamber and others invested in their future growth.


- Jon P

What you will learn

6 Powerful Sessions:

Session 1: Communication Styles

  • Learn different communication styles

  • Learn the power of flexing to others

  • Dealing with stress

  • Increase communication effectiveness

Session 2: Clarity, Alignment, Purpose

  • Create clarity around direction and expectations

  • Create alignment and enthusiasm

  • Help drive purpose with each team member

Session 3: Effective Communication

  • Build stronger relationships

  • Drive better results

  • Increase engagement and productivity

Session 4: Personal Growth

  • Create your vision to reality

  • Focus on growth driven activities

  • Spotlight a growth plan for better results

Session 5: Putting it all together

  • Craft your next steps to impact people and drive even better results

  • Make these learned tools a part of your DNA

  • Leverage this Foundation Leadership Series to take your career to new heights

Session 6: Anchor Meeting Follow Up


The Aligned Leader Program normally carries an investment of $997, though we’re offering an early bird price that is 20% off the stated ticket price. For just $797 per person, you can go through Renzo’s Aligned Leader Program and within six weeks have the tool chest to lead your team effectively (whether at home or at work).

And thanks to the Golden Belt Community Foundation, scholarships ranging from $100-$300 are available to the first 40 registrants. To claim your scholarship and unique code, call the Chamber at (620) 792-2401. Registrants will be given a unique code to enter when completing their registration and will then have the option to pay in full or take advantage of a payment plan allowing every budget to take advantage of this opportunity. A special allotment of scholarships has been set aside for non-profit organizations.

Learn more and register CLICK HERE.

Questions can be directed to the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce.

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