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Gift cards are becoming more and more popular as gifts for loved ones, employees, clergy, and coworkers because they are easy to purchase and easy to redeem. But the downside of purchasing franchise gift cards is that those dollars end up being spent locally, and are not supporting our friends and neighbors who live and work right here in the Great Bend area. 

Instead, consider purchasing Chamber Gift Certificates that can be redeemed at over 150 local businesses. On average, more than $140,000 is spent to purchase Chamber Gift Certificates each year. That is a significant amount of money kept right here in our community to support local businesses that create jobs, provide shopping experiences we want to preserve, and stimulate our economy.


Anyone who receives a Chamber Gift Certificate can spend them just like cash at any of our 150+ participating businesses. Most participating retailers have a placard in their storefront or near their cash register indicating that they will accept Chamber Gift Certificates for payment. See a list of participating retailers here. Each business has different policies about whether or not they will issue cash back, so we recommend purchasing certificates in increments of $50 or less.

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