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Please read this first.

Is My Business Eligible?

To qualify for this program, the following criteria must be true:

  • The business must be in one of the following business categories:

Bars & Restaurants
Restaurants - Bars/Lounges - Cafes/Bistros

Lodging - Recreation  - Entertainment  - Health/Sports - Arts/Culture

Retail Sales
Specialty store - Department store - Drug store -

Discount store - Used goods

Health & Beauty
Salons - Barbershop - Spa/Massage - Fitness centers

Service Industry
Cleaning - HVAC - Plumbers - Electricians - Lawn Care -

Auto Repair - Agriculture

•    The business must be located within Barton County.
•    The business must be a member of the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce. Not a Chamber member yet? No problem! Contact Megan Barfield or Angie Hicks at:; or call 620-792-2401. We are adamant about supporting ALL Barton County businesses during this time. 
To demonstrate this, the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce will be extending a 90-day courtesy membership* to non-members so that every business can benefit. There is no obligation to join the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce at the end of 90 days, however, we gladly invite and welcome you! 
Those choosing to join the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce will enjoy enhanced membership benefits, including a customized online member directory listing and the ability to redeem Chamber Gift Certificates, just to name a couple. 
*90-day courtesy memberships will enjoy a limited membership and receive the following:
•    Basic online member directory listing
•    Weekly email updates
•    Email communications with invites to Chamber events
•    Monthly Outlook Business Journal

•    The business must currently sell and accept gift cards and/or gift certificates.

•    The business must have a valid SSN/EIN/TIN in order to be paid.

How Does My Business Fulfill the Customers' orders?

Once a week, you will receive an email with a report showing any purchases made and who to contact to fulfill the gift card/certificate order. The report will include the following:
•    Purchaser Name, Address, Email address and Phone Number
•    Dollar amount of purchase
You will then contact the customer to arrange for delivery of purchased gift card/certificate. Customers will be advised that your business will contact them, and they need to pick up their gift card at your business location once it has been deemed safe to do so. You may arrange for alternate delivery methods as your own discretion. Thank the customer for their support!
We do not recommend that businesses bypass CDC, RCHD, KDHE recommendations or mandates in order to fulfill customer orders. 

How Does My Business Get Paid?

  • We will do our best to email reports every Monday showing you if you are owed money from the sale of gift cards. If you are, we will mail you a check on that Tuesday for the total purchase amount minus credit card processing fees. A report showing the calculation of credit card transaction fees will be included. Current credit card transaction fees are 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. Our goal is to be issuing payments weekly.

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Buy Small, Give Big - When you purchase a gift card to your favorite businesses using this website, a matching gift will be made by the Dorothy M Morrison Foundation through the Golden Belt Community Foundation for Barton County individuals and families affected by the crisis.

Buy small, Give big?


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